Welcome to the Caledonia Collective

We are a collaboration of creative people who are inspired by the landscapes of Scotland. Our diverse team of contributors includes people who are writers, photographers, musicians, athletes, historians… the list is long. But whatever our professions, our passion is for telling stories of Scotland.

The thing to be known grows with the knowing” – Nan Shepherd

Latest Posts

The Silence of the Birds

In June, 1960, a group of Moray House students from Edinburgh University went on a week’s field trip to Glenmore Lodge. Our first day of activities was scrapped so that we could assist with fighting a forest fire that had broken out in the ancient woods of Rothiemurchus. Besides the unscheduled fire-fighting, later we saw … Continue reading The Silence of the Birds

Today Was a Gift

A few days ago the first snows of winter arrived on the mountains. There was a hard edged clarity of light in the forest that I only know from winter – white edges and black shadows running along every branch. The remains of autumn colours clung to the tips of wind stripped birch trees, like … Continue reading Today Was a Gift

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