Introducing The Caledonia Collective

Well hello there! We figured we have to start somewhere, so we decided to write a post about who we are, how we came together, and what this is all about.

Caledonia Collective was the idea of photographer David Russell who, wanting to collaborate with other artists and creative people, decided to set up a blog for people to collaborate on. Fresh off a rewarding collaboration with Scottish folk musician Hamish Napier, he decided to reach out. Hamish said yes, and so we got to work.

The idea behind this is to create a collection of creative joy from a diverse group of people, creating in different ways. But the inspiration behind it will always be the Scottish landscape. It’s our sincere hope that we’ll be able to come together and share out passion for Scotland’s beauty, collaborate on new ideas and ultimately share the results with you. This is for anyone and everyone who loves Scotland and the natural world as much as we do.

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