The Grey Coast

The Cateran Ecomuseum · The Grey Coast by Hamish Napier

A poem about where my father’s side of the family hail from: Caithness


This is my first published poem. It’s in The Darg – a collection of poetry compiled by Perthshire poet Jim Macintosh, in tribute to the great poet and songwriter Hamish Henderson. More info here.

My piano teacher Andy Thorburn wrote this beautiful tune for a character in a play written by George Gunn of the Grey Coast Theatre Company. The play was “Songs of the Grey Coast” with music by Andy Thorburn. It toured around Scotland in 1992 with the Grey Coast Theatre CompanyHere is ‘Marnie Swanson of the Grey Coast’ recorded by me and Loch Ness fiddler Adam Sutherland in my Livingroom several years ago.

One thought on “The Grey Coast

  1. A very evocative poem which reminds me about why I like to live on the edge of things. “push and shove of the moon” – excellent! And the reading itself escapes from all the shackles of “the poetry voice” – lovely!


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